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Importance of cosmetic dental lab hand pieces

Following the vigorous activities that are experienced by the teeth, it difficult to retain all the natural teeth forever. Different happenings such as accidents, diseases and dental diseases are some of the contributing factors that can affect the perfect dental structure. Cosmetic dental lab handpieces contribute massively to the restoration of the dental structure and […]

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What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are hand crafted tooth shells which are generally applied over the surface of a tooth. The aim is to cover the enamel of the ragged out tooth and help in aligning the scratchy tooth. They likewise help in concealing the spaces, chips and cracks of the teeth effortlessly. Dental veneers are great options […]

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How to Fix Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth sensitivity is often caused by the wearing out of the enamel causing the exposure of the dentine or roots. Tooth sensitivity ranges from slight discomfort to severe pain which can interfere with your daily activities. Common causes of tooth sensitivity are as follows: worn out enamel broken or new dental work cavities chipped teeth […]