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Best Teeth Whitening Methods That You Can Try At Home

Best whitening teeth whitening methods have many varieties to choose from, which you can do at home. In actuality, teeth whitening could take place inside a dental office or at your home. How would you know which one fits you? That depends on the condition of your teeth. Like how you have selected your trusted medical professional, you would also need recommendations in choosing between these teeth whitening methods. In this case, dentists are the best persons to ask for help.


Best Teeth Whitening Methods

best teeth whitening methodsTeeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures nowadays. Several people are undergoing this procedure to achieve sparkly, white teeth. In any scenario, cost and comfort are part of the equation, just like a cataract surgery decision. There are many considerations to make. Your dentist has to confirm if you are a good candidate or not for teeth whitening.

Meanwhile, we already mentioned that there are varieties of teeth whitening methods. We have listed a few of them below and provided brief details individually. We hope it will give you a little idea and see which one your dentist will approve for you.

1 Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the components of bleaching agents. Aside from fighting the bacteria inside the mouth, it can also help remove surface stains from your teeth. It even works better together with baking soda. However, it has a side effect of increasing tooth sensitivity. For this reason, prolonged use of hydrogen peroxide is not advisable.

2 Baking Soda

Baking soda is another option that can address surface stains on teeth. It is one of the typical ingredients present in toothpaste. Furthermore, it can whiten your teeth without being harsh on them. You can even make a paste from baking soda and use it when you brush your teeth.

3 Whitening Toothpaste

Various brands of whitening toothpaste are already out in the market. Whitening toothpastes whiten teeth with minimal abrasiveness. Additionally, some brands offer toothpaste with activated charcoal. The usual effect of whitening toothpaste is making the teeth lighter by one shade. However, people should be careful with the toothpaste they’ll purchase. It would be best to choose the toothpaste with a seal from the American Dental Association.

4 Teeth Whitening Strips

Some people also use whitening strips as their teeth whitening method. These are thin, virtually invisible, and coated with peroxide-based whitening gel or other active ingredients. An example of this product is Crest 3D. Usually, whitening strips involve a 14-day application to remove the stains from teeth.

5 Whitening Gel

An individual will put this gel on a small brush and apply it to their tooth surface for this product. These gels are also peroxide-based, like the whitening strips. Both the gels and strips only contain small concentrations of peroxide.

Overall, whitening teeth at home is indeed possible. However, we should know that the results are not close to what professional whitening can provide. The bleaching agent present in these products has a lower concentration compared to that from a professional.


Reminders for Whitening Product Selection

Many teeth whitening products are available in different outlets, markets, and even through online sites. These teeth whitening products have various ingredients. For this reason, every customer should adequately look into it before purchasing.

The best way to confirm the product’s safety in the final analysis, is to ask a dental expert about it. Oral health requires proper evaluation to ensure that the products will not harm it, especially if they already have sensitive teeth.

Additionally, we might have existing oral conditions that require dental treatment. Using a whitening product may affect it and could lead to further issues. In effect, you might need more than just whitening procedures.

Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that the whitening solution or bleaching products have good reviews from users. Sooner or later, you can achieve a whiter, brilliant smile. A bright, white set of teeth is waiting for you.


Professional Tooth Whitening

A dentist showing initial results to the patient.At some point, the home teeth whitening method does work. However, the results are not as promising as those from a teeth whitening system of a dentist. In-office whitening takes place under the supervision of a dentist, such as enamel microabrasion.

Additionally, tooth whitening from your dentist is not a complicated procedure at all. However, it would be best if you still made a wise choice for your dental provider. The process still requires skills to avoid oral injury affecting the gum area.

Furthermore, your dentist will not perform whitening only. They will notify you if there is a need for other dental procedures to take place. Dentists can see if there are potential sources of oral issues inside your mouth.

On the other hand, professional home whitening can also happen, given that your dentist provided them for you. Here, you will get a whitening kit at the dentist’s office. Dental professionals will still make an impression on your teeth before choosing the whitening option for you.


Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone dreams of a lighter shade or whiter teeth. Fortunately, we have several options to choose from. But, do you know that there are things that can affect the color of your teeth? That includes the following conditions.

  • intake of foods and drinks that stain your teeth, such as coffee, red wine, or berries
  • smoking or using tobacco products
  • poor dental hygiene
  • trauma or disease
  • medications
  • age-related stains

If you have any of these, it would be best to make adjustments on it, if possible. Stains on teeth may sometimes become difficult to remove. For this reason, it would help to prevent them and refrain from stain-causing activities, foods, and beverages.


Your Oral Hygiene

Your oral health is not about whitening your teeth only. Whitening treatments are not enough to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Your tooth enamel, gum tissues, and the whole mouth need proper dental care.

First on the line is to brush your teeth twice a day. Next is flossing at least once a day. Using a mouthwash can also help. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to make your teeth look white. Using teeth whiteners or mild abrasives is acceptable, but never set aside the proper oral hygiene routine.

From this day forward, you can now show the world a brighter smile. But always remember, glamorous white teeth need to be healthy as well.



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