pain after flossing
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Why Do I Experience Pain After Flossing?

When flossing is the topic, dental patients are a bit aloof in admitting if they floss or not. The reason behind this timid response is the fact that most of us generally stay away from this dental habit. We keep away from it besides the fact that dentists reiterate the importance of flossing in our daily lives. When pressed, some patients would complain that they feel pain after flossing; that is why they stopped doing it. But is it reasonable or even normal to feel pain after flossing?

dental surgeon near me
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Finding the Best Dental Surgeon Near Me

Commonly if you need an oral surgical procedure, your family dentist would refer you to a dental implant surgeon that he or she knows. Nevertheless on these times where people searching for different professionals in social media is rampant, a lot of patients do their own search before making an appointment. As mentioned above, it’s as easy as typing “dental surgeon near me” in a search engine.

infection under dental bridge
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Infection under a Dental Bridge or under a Tooth Implant

The choice between receiving a dental bridge or tooth implant is a personal one. There are several factors you must consider when deciding on which type to acquire. For a better understanding of what to choose, you can read the comparison at Cost is typically the number one aspect. Additionally, you will desire functionality and appearance. When making a choice you should be aware of the medical problems that could arise. Which is more common: an infection under a dental bridge or a tooth implant?

dental inlay vs filling
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Dental Inlay vs Filling

What is a dental inlay, and how is it different from a filling? If you’re someone with a cavity, expert dentists from Tooth Crusader’s clinic will recommend one of these treatments as a way to restore a healthy appearance back to your teeth. Both of these simple procedures involve drilling out the decaying portion of the tooth and then filling the cavity. However, the difference lies in the type of material that is used to fill the cavity as well as how that material is attached to the teeth. Here’s a quick breakdown of dental inlay vs filling.