dentist scaling tool

Choosing the proper dentist scaling tool

Many dentist scaling tools are used in dental practice, usually a dental handpiece. Choosing the right tool will make all the difference in patient satisfaction. Use the Melag Autoclave in your dental practice and see the difference.


Scalers are designed to remove plaque and tartar from teeth. They are especially useful when plaque hardens into tartar, this can be almost impossible to remove with regular brushing.


Qualities to look for in a scaling tool


Shape. The round and tapered shape of the instrument would be preferred. This shape would require less effort and force to be exerted while doing the procedure.


Lightweight. After a full day of work, you would begin to feel the weight of an instrument, if it is too heavy. A lightweight scaler with a hollow handle would increase work productivity and at the same time reduce overall fatigue.


Texture. Textured structures enhance control and also reduce the chance of losing grip of the tool.


Material. Find a tool that is made of very strong and durable material, but follow the general rule: the material should not be harder than tooth enamel.


dentist scaling toolErgonomics. This is one of the most important aspects you should look for in a scaling tool. It should have good ergonomics so that you will not develop carpal tunnel.


Value for the price. Before you make your final choice and buy the dental scaling tool, make sure that the price is right, and that it should have all the qualities mentioned above.


Overall, you should feel comfortable when you hold and grip the tool, and it should be long-lasting, for you to get true value for your money. When choosing the right tools for your practice, always remember that you will have higher patient satisfaction if you are also happy with the tools you use. Check out this link if you’re looking for a reliable dental supplier.


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