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Tooth Replacement

Clear Choice Dental Implants

Dental implants have, for some time now, been considered as the best tooth replacement method. These implants have proven to be a permanent solution to problems such as dentures, anchoring bridges and replacing missing teeth. You can read more about this in the article.

Basically, dental implants are artificial tooth roots, consisting of a titanium post that provides a permanent base for tooth replacement. They provide a long-term solution as they feel and function just like natural teeth. The titanium post is implanted into the bone where the bone will slowly grow around the implant just as it would for a natural tooth. This ensures that the implant is secured. They are different types of implants to fit perfectly with our different types of teeth, jaws, and gum. A dentist will first examine you before prescribing the best choice of implants.

Choosing the right implant specialist has proven to be a task, but that is about to change. For over ten years, Clear Choice has been providing dental implants to thousands of people around the world. They pride themselves on restoring smiles on people’s faces.

What makes clear choice stand out from the rest is that each patient is assigned their own personal team. This team will talk you through all the stages, and they will be there with you at all times. This creates trust between the patient and the team.

Cost of clear choice dental implants

clear choice dental implantsBelow are some of the factors that influence the overall cost.

  • The number of teeth that need replacing.
  • Steps required in your treatment
  • Your personal needs and goals
  • The materials used in the whole process

The only way to find out the accurate price of your entire treatment is by coming in for a free consultation. During this consultation, a 3D scan is taken as you discuss your goals and personal needs. This allows Clear Choice to come up with a treatment plan as well as your exact cost.

They understand how important it is to get your smile back and for that reason, they offer third-party financing options and also work with you to come up with a payment plan that will be in the limits of your budget.

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