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Cost Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Your cost of cosmetic dentistry will vary widely depending on the procedure you are going for and the dentist you choose. Let’s see some common cosmetic dental procedures and what they cost:

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Teeth Whitening

Professional in-office teeth whitening can cost you between $450-$650 while an over-the-counter whiteners won’t cost you go beyond the range of $4-$100. ·

cosmetic dentistryDental Veneers

These wafer-thin, customized shells of tooth-colored resin or porcelain are used to cover the front surface of your teeth. These thin shells are cemented to the front of your teeth, with the aim of changing the length, color, shape or size of your teeth. Veneers are commonly referred to as Hollywood Teeth and can cost as much as $500-$1,300 per tooth. ·

Dental Bonding

Bonding is used for the repair of chipped, cracked, decayed, or misshapen teeth. It is a good alternative to silver or amalgam fillings. Dental Bonding costs between $100-$400 per tooth.   ·

Dental Crown

Dental crowns are also known as cap, and are used to replace the entire damaged or decayed tooth above your gum line, to restore the size, shape, strength and appearance of your tooth. These crowns help stop a weak tooth from breaking and help hold your cracked tooth together. They are cosmetically used to cover badly colored or misshapen teeth. These porcelain-fused-to-metal ceramics or resins can cost between $500-$900 each.

Onlays and Inlays

These are known as indirect fillings. They are made from porcelain, gold, or composite materials and are used for the filling of damaged and decayed teeth. These cosmetic indirect fillings can cost anywhere between $650-$1,200 per tooth.

Dental Implants

These are titanium replacement tooth roots usually inserted right into the bone socket of your missing tooth. The dental implant procedure can cost between $1, 250-$3, 000.

Your dental insurance may not cover your cosmetic dentistry costs, but there are dental plans that can take care o part of the cost of some of the procedures involved in dental insurance, such as crowns, mostly when the main goal of your cosmetic dental project is to repair a dental structural problem that might end up affecting the whole of your oral health in the long run.

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