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What Makes A Custom Sports Mouth Guard More Constructive

Most people think that a custom sports mouth guard is not an important apparatus in performing sports. Little did they know, a custom fit mouth protector is actually very helpful in preventing dental injuries. At this site you can check what else can help you during your sports and workout routine.

A mouth guard is an essential device that can protect your dental structure and maintain its function.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three different major classifications of mouthguards. The first one is the stock mouthguard, this is the cheapest kind and can be bought in stores. Since these are inexpensive, you can expect plenty of disadvantages like improper fitting, difficulty in breathing, and less protection.

orange mouthguard with caseBoil and bite mouth guards are store-bought devices that need to be softened to fit the mouth perfectly. It is usually placed in a hot water before wearing to make the material soft enough for manual adjustments.

Lastly, the custom-fitted mouthguards often worn by athletes. Designed and molded precisely by dental clinics for much more comfortable use and maximum protection. It has more advantages compared to other types of mouthguard but it can also be more expensive.

Benefits Of Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Ordinary mouthguards can be bought over the counter. But a custom sports mouthguard is something that can do so much for you. This type of mouthguard is specifically made to fit your mouth, there are no loose ends as the piece is custom fit according to your dental structure. Below are the reasons why mouthguards are beneficial:

  • Protects the teeth against dental injuries. Athletes are more prone to dental injuries that is why a mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment in their overall gear. Check here other useful tools for sports.
  • Since it’s custom fit, this is more comfortable and easier to wear. A custom sports mouthguard basically fits your entire mouth perfectly making it more intact with your dental structures.
  • It provides optimal dental protection. Unlike regular mouthguards, a custom fit mouthguard can protect your jaw and teeth in a more precise way. Because it stays in place no matter what, it can block an impact correctly.
  • Correct size in every manner. If you are an athlete, then you know how uncomfortable it is to wear a mouthguard that does not fit your mouth properly. With a custom sports mouthguard, your performance will significantly improve because there is no awkward sensation in your mouth anymore.

Disadvantages of Custom-Fit Mouth Guard

While a custom-fit mouthguard is undeniably more useful than ordinary mouthguards, it can also pose some threats such as:

  • Incorrect fitting. If the mouthpiece is not properly fitted to your mouth, it can fall off your mouth unexpectedly. It also has the tendency to irritate the gums and your whole mouth.
  • It’s not meant for long-term use. Custom sports mouthguards are usually made of not so durable materials, making it susceptible to deterioration over time.
  • It can be addictive. Some people use mouthguards even though it’s not required.

Who Needs A Mouthguard

Typically, athletes use mouthguards during their game. It is well known that this device is an essential part of sports gear. However, mouthguards are also recommended to people who have the following conditions:

  • mouthguard for other conditionsBruxism. A condition where a person clenches or gnashes their teeth unconsciously.
  • Sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that causes a person to pause breathing while asleep.
  • Snoring issues. Mouthguards are also recommended to people who wish to reduce their snoring problems.

If you are an athlete who’s constantly bothered by your uncomfortable and bulky mouthguard, you might want to consider switching to a custom sports mouthguard right now. Many sports enthusiasts recommend this device because it helped them improve their athletic performance significantly.

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