deep cleaning of teeth side effects
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Deep cleaning of teeth side effect

The mouth is filled with a lot of bacteria. When these bacteria come into contact with other substances, they create a sticky plaque on the teeth. The plaque can be eliminated through regular brushing and flossing of teeth. However, brushing may not clear all the plaque, which ends up forming Tartar. Deep cleaning of teeth remains the only option that can remove Tartar.

Deep cleaning of teeth

Deep cleaning is a method used to remove plaque and Tartar below/above the gum line, and also goes all the way to the bottom of the gums pockets. A qualified dental hygienist conducts the procedure. The main aim of deep cleaning is to stop the buildup of Tartar and plaque. After the deep cleaning, it may take 6 – 8 weeks for the gums to heal. But does deep cleaning of teeth have any side effect?

Deep cleaning of teeth side effects

  1. deep cleaning of teeth side effectsRisk of periodontal diseases – May occur when tartar deposits exceed the limit of 3 millimeters. Typically, this happens when there are more plaque deposits to the gum pockets
  2. Threatens the teeth – The teeth could become loose if you don’t receive professional and adequate deep scaling. This may lead to tender and swollen gums, which may allow plaque to build up again. Also, deep cleaning can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and even bone loss.
  3. Recurs – Unfortunately, once you have undergone deep cleaning, it won’t be the last time. The cleaned Tartar and plaque is said to go into remission and may appear again larger depending on how well you take care of your cleaned teeth.

People overlook the side effects of deep cleaning until they become victims. Inform the dentist of any health condition you may have that may affect the healing of your teeth. Always search for a qualified dental hygienist to perform the cleaning to avoid such side effects.

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