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What Are The Functions Of Dental Aesthetics In Dentistry?

Dental aesthetics refer to the solid combination of science and art to improve the smile. It is specifically under the branch of odontology that is responsible for creating the perfect smile. According to most dentists, when it comes to attaining the beautiful smile that everybody wishes to have, dentists consider 3 important factors that conclude to it, the lips, teeth, and gums. Get checked by the dentists from St. Leonards Dental if you want to achieve a perfect smile.


Dental Aesthetics And Your Smile

As mentioned, there are three important factors that dental aesthetics consider when it comes to improving one’s smile. To fully understand its principles, let us discuss everything that there is to know about this part of dentistry.


The Lips

The lips are the foundation of a good smile. Several aesthetic surgeries are being offered by dentists lately to significantly improve the appearance of the lips. The main objective is to make the lips look fuller or thinner, (depending on the preference of the patient) to make the placing of the smile more pleasing. Many dental clinics are now offering noninvasive services to promote better smiles and aesthetics.


The Gums

How your gums look whenever you smile will highly contribute to the overall look of your face. Its color, size, and alignment will have a significant impact on your smile. To make your smile perfect, the gums must have a healthy color and correct length. Moreover, the arch also plays a role in the overall look.


The Teeth

Finally, the teeth. To complete a beautiful smile, a great set of teeth is also needed. Dental aesthetics aim to give patients a beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry. Through modern methods, dentists enhance the color, size, and shape of teeth while keeping them natural-looking. Professional teeth whitening and dental veneers are some of the most common treatments for teeth enhancement.


Methods Used In Aesthetic Dentistry

dental treatmentAesthetic dentists improve their patient’s smiles by considering all the factors that contribute to their dental aesthetics. These factors include the following:

  • Teeth whitening. Having white teeth is one of the basics of a perfect smile. Teeth stains can be removed by professional teeth whitening where the dentist will use bleaching solutions as well as a laser to wash away the stains in the teeth. This whitening solution is 6 times better and efficient compared to over-the-counter products.
  • Reshaping. A misshapen tooth can have a huge impact on your smile. This condition would require dental aesthetic procedures. Depending on the severity of the misshapen tooth, the dentist might recommend dental crowns or veneers as a restorative treatment.
  • Bonding. In this dental treatment, the aesthetics are improved by concealing teeth imperfection through composite resin bonding. The treatment uses a composite resin material that is sculpted according to the shape of the teeth that it will be attached to. It is typically used on small cracks on the teeth.
  • Straightening. Apart from whitening procedures, teeth straightening treatments are also very in-demand nowadays. There are many ways to get straighter teeth, braces and retainers are the traditional methods, the only drawback is that these require a long process that could take years.


More Complex Procedures Include:

  • Dental implants. Implants are the contemporary solution to missing teeth. It usually uses a metal material that is placed on the gums to serve as the artificial root or anchor for the incoming fake tooth. Dental crowns are the most common fake tooth that is placed on top of an implant.
  • Gum lifting procedure. The smile can be enhanced by lifting gums as well. One of the many services under aesthetic dentistry is the procedure where gums are being lifted to reduce the “gummy” appearance in the smile.
  • Bridge. A bridge is used as a replacement for missing teeth and is typically supported by the remaining healthy teeth.


Many dental clinics can now provide high-quality in-office aesthetics services where modern technology is used in providing the utmost care for family and individual patients.

Dental professionals are committed to continuing to learn new knowledge to make their practice more reliable. If you’re looking for a reliable dental clinic, you can go to Woonona Dentists’ clinic near Corrimal today.

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