Dental bridge procedure
Tooth Replacement

The Dental Bridge Procedure

When you talk about dental bridge procedure, it is the restorative dental treatment for replacing the missing teeth. Bridge fills a gap in the mouth between dental implants or healthy teeth to either side restoring both the appearance and function of the teeth. If you have dental problems, visit our friends from AU Brisbane clinic.

Here is the dental bridge procedure.


The first step in dental bridge procedure become assessment need for the restorative dental treatment for replacing missing teeth and know whether the dental bridge is actually the best choice. Other curative dental treatments can be more appropriate to some cases which can include dental implants and dental crowns.

Temporary bridge placement and teeth preparation

Dental bridge procedureMany bridges rest to healthy teeth on either side of a gap that is called abutment teeth. So as to prepare the teeth for placement of the dental bridge, it’s necessary for you to prepare them for a bridge that is to be well fitted. The local anesthetic used ensures the patient comfort during this procedure. What you are required is too to file abutment teeth to the right shape for a bridge which is to be placed. The impressions of shaped teeth are made and then sent to the dental laboratory for construction of the bridge.

Permanent placement of a bridge

In this place, dental bridge procedure can take place once a unique appliance is made and ready for placement. Again, the local anesthetic is applied at the beginning of the appointment so as to increase the patient comfort. Before permanent dental bridge is placed, a temporary one needs to be removed, and underlying teeth be cleaned well. Dental cement is used to fix dental bridge instead of abutment teeth.

A follow-up

After the cure and a follow-up, it’s important in a dental bridge procedure to ensure the patient actually knows what he or she expects and understand on the way of caring for the new dental bridge. Because of this, the dentist needs to take some time while explaining the particulars of a dental bridge which include the suggested oral care and the time to seek dental advice. With the suggested maintenance, the dental bridge can last for more than ten years.

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