dental cosmetic before and after
Tooth Replacement

Dental Cosmetic Surgery Before And After

If you have to replace missing teeth and need an implant, then you should know that there is a new revolutionary dental implant technique which reduces treatment time and pain dramatically. The new dental cosmetic surgery before and after program gives you a new tooth within just one treatment and small surgery.

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The traditional ways to do implants is by implanting an anchor into the jawbone first. Then, after a healing period of several weeks or months, the bone has grown around the anchor, and the implant can be set. This usually takes another surgery and another healing period. Then the denture is fixed to the implant, and your tooth or bridge is ready.

Such implants are usually made of titanium but can also be made of porcelain. Titanium is a very long-lasting, durable material and ideal for cosmetic dental surgery to replace missing teeth. The anchor works as an artificial root for a new tooth. This can be a beautiful porcelain crown for example which looks very natural.

dental cosmeticA missing tooth should always be replaced because the gap destabilizes the surrounding teeth. The difference is not only an aesthetical issue. With time, the bone weakens at this area and grows back, together with the muscles attached to this bone. The faster you replace the tooth, the better.

There have been significant advances in dental implant surgery recently. One invention has changed the implant technology quite a bit. The secret lies in finding the best and strongest point for the implant in the jawbone. This reduces the required drilling to a minimum. To achieve this, a CT Scan is done which is then analyzed by sophisticated software. The perfect points are marked, and a custom-made prosthesis is manufactured. The dentist then uses this prosthesis together with a detailed drill guide to make a complete, clean little surgery. There is no more waiting until the artificial tooth can be attached to the implant.

With very little pain, muss less time and minimal trauma, the patient leaves the chair with a new functional tooth in place. This method was FDA approved in 2004, which means it has been clinically documented. This cosmetic surgery before and after results are amazing and its price is not much higher than for traditional medicine.

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