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You have a hole in your tooth, some part is chipped off, and another tooth is broken in places. You would like to have your tooth fixed. But after watching all those videos on YouTube and reading a couple of articles about dental implant, the idea of a drill in your jaw seems too much for you. You want this tooth fixed but you do not want an invasive procedure. A dental overlay is a good fit for your tooth. It gets you a beautiful smile without surgery. Visit for more information about this dental treatment.

A dental overlay is a tooth filling used to cover a hole or a chipped part off part of a tooth.

It is basically a procedure used in filling up the cavity or hole in a tooth. It can also be used to replace the chipped off part of the tooth resulting from tooth grinding. Unlike a dental crown, it does not replace the whole tooth, rather, it is an attachment affixed to the tooth.

This is a simple procedure carried out over two visits to the dentist. You can be in and out of the dental chair in one hour. The dentist begins the procedure after administering local anesthetic to your gum. An impression of the affected tooth is taken to a dental laboratory where the overlay will be produced. The impression will ensure that a replica of your tooth is produced and that the overlay will fill the cavity in your tooth perfectly. To end the first visit, a temporary overlay is placed on your tooth.

dental overlayOn your second visit to the dentist, the temporary overlay is removed and the new overlay from the dental laboratory is cemented to your tooth. The tooth is polished to make the overlay blend in with your tooth enamel until there is no distinction between the overlay and your tooth.

The tooth cavity is fixed and you are ready to go home. You might feel a bit numb in the mouth after the procedure for a couple of hours, but generally, by the second day, you do not feel anything again. You start getting used to your new smile.

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