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Detailing Some Implant Teeth Side Effect

Implant teeth is the modern solution to many dental problems such as tooth loss. Although implant teeth is a solution to dental problems it also has some side effects. It is good for you to know these implant teeth side effect before you go for the surgery. Dental implants can be painful in rare cases so advise your dental practicioner before any procedure.

selecting dental implantBacteria Build Up

Suffering from receding gums is mainly caused by bacteria that are allowed to collect around the implant screws. When these bacteria collect at the base of the implant screws they cause infections.

Infection and Inflammation

There are so many infections that can occur because of implant teeth, inflammations can also occur as a result of the dental implant. These infections mainly occur in people who don’t clean their teeth properly. Those people who smoke and those who are diabetic are ones who are most affected.

Bleeding at the implant site

Some bleeding is likely to occur after the dental surgery that allows you to have teeth implant. This bleeding may continue for several hours. To control the bleeding you are encouraged to bite a pack of gauze

after dental implantSwelling

Swelling in the mouth is one of the side effects of teeth implant. The swelling is expected for a short period of time then the swelling should disappear. Ice is often used to reduce this swelling.

Discomfort and  pain

After the surgery of teeth implant, you can expect some pain because the implant screws are firmly fixed in your gums so they will make you experience some pain. The other thing is that during the first days after you undergo the surgery you will feel some discomforts but with time you get used to these changes. Painkillers will help you to cope with the pain after the dental surgery. In conclusion, as much as dental implant has many advantages it also has several advantages which you should be aware of before going for the surgery.

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