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How to handle cases of face swelling after tooth extraction.

Apart from the pain and bleeding that are common, face swelling after tooth extraction can also be experienced in some case. Good care should be put in place after tooth extraction to make sure the condition is under control, enhance your face appearance visit the site for more information .

The swelling can even be worse in cases where multiple teeth extraction are involved and other cases where tooth extraction has been done through major surgery. Parents should take charge of cases of tooth extraction involving minors who aren’t able to take care of their own and check them closely. face swelling after tooth extraction

In most cases, the swelling that is experienced is directly proportional to the kind of surgery that has been done during extraction. Tooth extraction involving minor surgery is likely to experience minimal face swelling after tooth extraction while major surgery tooth extraction is likely to be worse. Some of the areas that are likely to be affected by the face swelling as a result of tooth extraction are:

• Areas around the mouth.
• Cheeks.
• Eyes.
• Face sides.

The swelling may develop over time and may not be experienced immediately after the extraction. A day or few hours after the surgery, it can be easy to identify and tell of the face swelling with ease. Extreme cases can be worse three day or two days after the extraction.

Working closely with your dentist is very important especially if the swelling comes with pain. The condition is expected to change after a few days when the swelling is expected to reduce as the healing process begins.

Swelling can also be minimized through the use of ice packs which should be applied according to the instructions. You should consider an ice filled baggies and use them on the affected side of the face. Extreme cases of swelling that have persisted for a longer time than expected always 4 days must be reported to the dentist.

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