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When you lose your tooth to periodontal disease or tooth decay, you may find it hard to stay toothless. Your most likely option would be making utilization of fake teeth. Other reasons that may force us to use them are; old age, gum diseases or improper mouth hygiene. What is shocking is that even with all the technical devices available in our homes, young people are having to use them just because of personal neglect.

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They are various ways of making use of these kind of teeth. They can either be implanted, clipped or bonded to the rest of the teeth or they can be removable. Nevertheless, they are in two types i.e on the maxillary or on the mandibular arches. They both come in special designs and not only do they improve facial and dental appearance, but they also assist you in chewing your food properly. What is interesting is the fact that, they enhance lips and cheek supports as well as eliminate the appearance of collapsed tissues.

fake teethFake cosmetic teeth are utilized for partially filling dental arch zones, where some of the teeth are missing. It is called the crown and bridge. They basically rely on a special fitting scheme using other remaining teeth. Porcelain made ones are the most expensive and highly demanded. If you are thinking of using some, the fixed variant are more stable and reliable than removable ones.

If you decide to have false cosmetic teeth implanted, please be warned that for a while you’ll have to cope with discomfort from wearing the dentures. However, this is just for a short period of time and you can always consult your dentist to know how to alleviate symptoms. You will also find it convenient as this implantation process is a long-term one.

Having gone through the above article you are now fully informed about the fake teeth.

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