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What Are The Gingivectomy Procedures?

Dental problems have been so prevalent today, and most reports indicate that a large number suffer as a result of periodontal infections. Gum diseases are often very dangerous, and they can cause us severe problems. The best medical solution to this problem is gingivectomy. It’s a dental cosmetic surgery that helps to cure the higher stages of gum infections. This often happens when the plague has built up below the pockets in our gum line.

What are the gingivectomy procedures?

Generally, the most significant deal here is the elimination of dead gum tissue to pave the way for root scaling and root planning. The benefit of this is that chances of causing further dental infections are minimized.

The first procedure involved in gingivectomy is to clean the mouth together with the gums carefully. This ensures that there are no other particles or microorganisms that can interfere with the whole process. In other words, the glue is prepared for the entire procedure.

general anesthesia or IV sedationThe second procedure is to ensure you are free from any pain as the process is performed. To archive this, the gums are numbed using an anesthetic. The doctor can use general anesthesia or IV sedation which are always available and highly recommended. Since you are now free from pain, the doctor will now start by carefully removing your gum tissues.

If a patient has periodontitis, then the doctor can professionally examine the areas that have the dead tissue. This will enable him/her to remove the tissue which is dead and loose. As this procedure continues, the doctor will get a chance to clean our plague and tartar to avoid the infection in the jawbone.

If a doctor decides to perform aesthetic gingivectomies, then removal of extra gum tissue will be necessary. This can ensure you are always comfortable, and the shape of your teeth are for you to enjoy your childhood smiles. Once the tissue is removed, the gum is reshaped to make you look natural.

Most doctors use the scalpel tool to eliminate the troublesome gum tissue. But there are also others who use laser tools which can improve your comfort during the procedure and minimize your invasiveness.

The end procedure is to get adequate advice on how to take great care after the system to avoid further problems. This whole process may take minutes, hours or more than that depending on the status of your gum infection.

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