How Long Does Dental Bonding Last Pros and Cons Of Dental Bonding
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How Long Does Dental Bonding Last? (Pros and Cons Of Dental Bonding)

Dental procedures have its advantages and disadvantages. Notably, some pay more than what they should. Probably, you’re wondering how long does dental bonding last. The cost of paying for these cosmetic dentistry treatments can soar high. Yet, the investment for a brighter and more beautiful smile can outweigh its expenses. You can also visit Broadford Dental clinic for more featured dental treatments that you may find suitable for your preferences. Some people like cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening, while other patients may need a root canal therapy or tooth extraction. No matter what your options are, it is best to seek advice from a licensed and board-certified dental professional.


What Is Dental Bonding?

So you have chosen to make your smile last by availing that promo from your dental clinic. But, you have no idea what dental bonding means. Bonding is made of durable plastic material to cover discolored or broken teeth. The dentist will choose the color that closely looks like the natural color of your tooth. Then, the bond is attached to the surface of tooth which needs to be trimmed, polished after hardening. The results of dental bonding aim to close gaps in between teeth and for esthetic improvement. You may want to ask your local dentist how long does dental bonding last before you wear the solution for years. Here are other reasons that you may


Reasons To Get Dental Bonding:

  • Closes gap in between teeth
  • Can help prevent dental disease by motivating patients to do daily hygiene
  • Better smile with symmetric teeth
  • Increase size for each tooth
  • Repairs decayed or cracked teeth


Difference Of Veneers And Crowns With Dental Bonding

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last

From the common dental restoration for missing, chipped, or cracked teeth, there are options like veneers and crowns for long lasting benefits. Restorative dentistry procedures like these can be good for your oral health care. Veener technology also requires plastic or composite materials that lasts longer like crowns. Typically, a suggestion from your dental expert to avail these two advanced repair procedures depend on the number of teeth with problems.



Most patients often choose veneers as it still leaves the original tooth in your gums. It is also non invasive and only uses thin plastic or composite resin for covering the surface of the tooth. Unlike crowns, they are thin, requires less grinding and smoothing the edge of the tooth. On the other hand, the first few hours or days of veneers may require a person to wear a nightguard to protect the teeth from grinding or gum irritation. Veneers can also have advantages and disadvantages for its process. Prices for veneers may change depending on the material your dental office will use. Furthermore, it may range around $250 to $2500 to get your veneers done.



Commonly, crowns are more expensive than veneers or bonding as it involves prosthetic materials done in a laboratory. Furthermore, crowns are meant for people with severe cases of tooth decay, cracked teeth, or previous fillings. You may also compare crowns, veneers, and bonding at the nearest dental office or clinic. Moreover, a local anesthetic is a requirement before having your crowns attached. Although it is the most durable, crowns may take away your natural bones which leads to sensitivity. It may cost $1000 to $3500 for the treatment.


How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Patients that properly maintain their dental bonding can expect it to last until 10 or more years. On the contrary, most patients may not feel satisfied with the process of their bonding since it can have significant cracks or damages. People that feel lazy to brush their teeth daily may think that they got ripped off from the lousy dental work. But, a proper hygiene routine can limit your visit to different dentists. Moreover, you can also lengthen the years of wearing your bonding on your mouth by preventing dental diseases. Ultimately, the years on how long does dental bonding last may depend on the dentist that will work on your front teeth. So, it is best to read reviews online and ask for referral from someone who already had cosmetic dentistry before.


Why Should You Get Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is still a great option to fill in your cracked or damaged teeth without having to pay for expensive costs. If you’re wondering what are the pros and cons of dental bonding, here is a summarized list to help you. Moreover, you can also have a check-up with your dental specialist to see if you can qualify for this treatment. If you are still not convinced with the effectivity of bonding, you may want to have a sample result from the available clinics around you. Hence, it may be best to make sure where you will spend your out-of-pocket money, especially for cosmetics and alteration in your mouth.



  • Anesthesia is often not necessary before the dental bonding
  • Cost – effective since it is on the lower or cheaper side
  • Same-day treatment that only take 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • The average cost is $300 to $600 per tooth
  • Noninvasive procedure



How Long Does Dental Bonding Last After Dentist

  • It isn’t stain resistant as crowns, veneers, or implants
  • Can break easily when eating hard candy or food
  • Maintenance is harder than most tooth restorations
  • Mostly not covered by a health insurance company


How Do You Maintain Your Bonded Teeth?

It is understandable that you may only afford to get dental bonding due to your limited budget, it is wise to keep your bonding for years. You may want to avoid biting your fingernails, pencil, or ice while wearing bonding. Also, be sure to brush lightly but keeping in mind that you’re removing plaque and dirt. It may also be best to avoid coffee, tea, tobacco, or any staining food for the two days or a week. Finally, brushing and flossing daily can also help make your bonding last for years. Make sure to contact your previous dentist for regular maintenance for at least 6 months.

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