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How To Improve Your Smile

In a day and age where teeth are considered one of the most critical aspects of a pleasing facial profile, our vanity demands perfection, and a cosmetic dentist can help you achieve it. If nature hasn’t given you a smile you can be proud of, you don’t have to worry. Almost any blemish or issue you have can be fixed in the dental chair. Read on to learn about three of the most popular procedures of how to improve your smile and you can visit this link

  • VeneersVeneers

Whether they are traditional veneers or Lumineers, these applications are the perfect solution for patients who have that one bothersome tooth that is ruining their ideal smile. Usually made from porcelain, they are thin applications that the cosmetic dentist will place over a tooth that is discolored, chipped, or otherwise blemished in some way. Not only do they improve your smile, but also they can prevent the tooth from incurring any additional damage. This is one of the many ways you can find intersectionality between so-called “vanity” dentistry and those procedures designed primarily for health purposes.

  • Gum Lifts

It may sound hard to believe, but you can have your gums contoured to match your smile. For most people, this may seem entirely unnecessary, but there is a small section of the population that suffers from a very gum-heavy smile. This leaves their teeth looking short and nubby when in reality, it is merely because their gum line comes down too far. While it doesn’t present any health problems, many people find the look unappealing. For those people, a cosmetic dentist can perform a gingivectomy, lifting the gum line away from the teeth and giving them a smile they have always wanted.

  • Whitening

Here it is, the holy grail of the cosmetic dentist. Of all the people who visit one on a yearly basis, this is the procedure that they most often ask for. It’s not hard to understand why. We place a premium on glowing white teeth in our culture and conflate that gleaming smile with health, much as we do with tan skin. While neither is particularly indicative of a person’s oral health, that hasn’t done anything to prevent their popularity. Thankfully, getting your teeth whitened doesn’t come with the hazardous side effects associated with tanning. A good cosmetic dentist can brighten your smile in just a single session, giving you the confidence to smile brightly the next time someone pulls a camera out.

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