how to smile nicely

How to Smile Nicely

It is said that the first impression lasts. When you meet a person for the first time be it your next door neighbor, business prospects or even a date your smile tells them more about who you are, it helps create the first impression. This first impression smile may bring people close to you or it may make them keep a distant. Most of us however find that we do not have the perfect smile. When we look at the mirror we always spot something that we need to change to make our smile perfect, it could be the color of our teeth, a crooked teeth, the shape of our jaw and many more. We all wish we had the ability to change a particular thing in us to achieve that perfect smile we always see in the Hollywood movie stars.With the technological advancements in the dental field it is possible for one to achieve the perfect smile he or she has always desired through the cosmetic dentistry. Southern Smiles Dental in Miranda offers quality cosmetic dental services at an affordable price. Check out this link to learn more.

Here are a few ways on how to get that perfect smile you have always dreamt of.

Straight Teeth

Good teeth comes in different sizes and shapes but they all have a common feature, they have to be straight. If your teeth are not straight you can visit a dentist or a dental lab technician to help improve this. These dental experts can recommend a wide range of products ranging from braces to invisalign depending on your age as well as the condition of your teeth and financial ability. The straightening of your teeth is the first step towards achieving a perfect smile.

White Teeth

Straight teeth alone wouldn’t mean you have a perfect smile. If you have stained teeth your smile will not be attractive. One is therefore advised to use teeth whitening products for a white impressive smile.

Lip Servicelip-balm

A perfect smile requires good looking teeth as well as nice lips. Lips should be regularly taken care of since they are an essential element of a magnetic smile, a smile that leaves people glued to you. Drink lots of water for well hydrated lips and avoid licking your lips. For dry and cracked lips use a lip balm or a lip stick that fits your skin tone.

Practice that Smile

Stand in front of a mirror and practice that sweet Hollywood movie star smile you have always dreamt of. Ensure that your eyes are in line with your smile. Let your eyes crinkle when you smile.

Practice the following simple face exercises for a perfect smile.

  • Smile as wide as you can and ensure that you don’t open your lips.
  • Like a rabbit, wiggle your nose until you feel that your cheek muscles are in line with your smile.
  • Hold on to this pose for about 5 seconds.

Keep practicing these steps since practice makes perfect.

These simple practices combined with the dental care tips will help you achieve that perfect smile you have always admired. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So ensure that you smile a lot to avoid straining your muscles. To guarantee your smile more attractive and effective, always the best option is dental consultation.

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