infection under dental bridge
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Infection under a Dental Bridge or under a Tooth Implant

The choice between receiving a dental bridge or tooth implant is a personal one. There are several factors you must consider when deciding on which type to acquire. For a better understanding of what to choose, you can read the comparison at Cost is typically the number one aspect. Additionally, you will desire functionality and appearance. When making a choice you should be aware of the medical problems that could arise. Which is more common: an infection under a dental bridge or a tooth implant?

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is easier as well as less expensive to obtain. This method replaces missing teeth by using existing teeth as a placeholder. A mold is taken of your mouth and then the teeth are made. The new teeth are then fixed to the existing teeth. Typically, a temporary bridge will be inserted at first. This is to help align the teeth properly. After a few weeks, the bridge will be permanently fixed using a cement texture. However, you may decide if you want a removable bridge or a permanent one.

Tooth Implant

A Tooth implant is a surgical procedure. You can have either one implant or a whole mouth full. This method is more expensive and certain requirements need to be met. Your gums and jawbone must be in great condition. The tooth is inserted through the gum into your jawbone. Unlike the bridge, this method is self-sufficient. It does not require other teeth to support it, so this protects your natural teeth. Also, tooth implants can last a lifetime, while a dental bridge needs to be replaced every 10 years.

infection under dental bridgeAn infection under a dental bridge is more common than a tooth implant. Food particles can become lodged under the bridge. This is especially true if your bridge does not fit properly or becomes loose after years of wear. To prevent an infection make sure the bridge fits appropriately. If you have any concerns, discuss them with your dentist right away. With precise maintenance of your teeth and gums, a tooth implant will rarely become infected or wear down.

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