internal tooth bleaching
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What is internal tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching is a common way Bella Vista dentists from Dentistry on Solent treat teeth to improve their aesthetic appearance. One of the most popular techniques they used is called internal tooth bleaching. They use it for teeth that had already had some work done to them, such as root canal treatment or some other kind of orthodontic treatment. The dentist will remove or treat the pulp of the tooth to remove an infection.or, in some cases just remove the nerve of the tooth. This leads to changes in the color of the tooth, due to bleeding from the tooth or to the color the dentist has added. There are two primary techniques dentist use for internal tooth bleaching.

The chairside technique

The dentist will combine hydrogen peroxide with superoxly in a 2 to 1 ratio. This technique is very effective especially if combined with heat. But, since there is a lot of oxide in both substances and heat is involved, this could lead to burns. In some cases, this technique could lead to cervical absorption.

The walking bleaching technique internal tooth bleaching

This technique consists of combining water and sodium perborate. It is far more safe than the chairside technique, but not quite as effective. This is why it is used in asses when the first one initially fails. If the fear of cervical absorption is high the dentist might opt for this method as a first option.

Internal Bleaching is only performed when the teeth cannot be properly clean from the outside. The treatment is also only effective if the tooth is strong and healthy enough to be drilled. If the pulp changes the color of the tooth, but the tooth itself is still strong enough, then the dentist will most likely opt for this type of treatment. The average cost of this procedure is around 150$ per tooth. But, depending on the dentist or condition of your tooth the price could be three or four times higher than that.

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