Should You Go For Laser Gum Treatment
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Should You Go For Laser Gum Treatment? (Vs. Other Gum Restorations)

Everything in the modern digital age may sound like it came from the movies. The talk of laser in surgeries and risky procedures seems like a dream come true. Of course, many people still trust traditional dental work applies to their current oral health situation. Meanwhile, the team of Boutique Dental Care advises having a laser gum treatment if you’re experiencing severe pain from your exposed teeth roots. People with receding gums may have to consult their general dentist first to see if they can qualify. Patients with mild periodontal disease may also discover other gum restoration treatments to save their gum line.  


Gum Recession Is A Risky Dental Problem

How does the gum become vulnerable to illnesses? Aside from having a direct impact due to injury, bacteria can attack the soft tissue and nerves in the gums. Individuals with poor oral healthcare can expect their gums and teeth to become painful due to cavities and bacterial infection. A symptom of a progressing severe disease is the visible signs of gum recession. The exposure of the tooth’s root comes from gums that form pockets and gaps making for plaque and dirt to buildup. Several causes of gum recession may be due to lip piercing, poor dental hygiene, hormonal changes, misaligned teeth, and even your family’s genetic makeup.  


Symptoms of Gum Recession

Watch out! Here are signs of gum recession that you may think as a mild and preventable mouth issue. You may have to visit your trusted dental doctor for assessment that can help save your life.

  • Bleeding After Brushing
  • Red or Pink (Inflamed) Gums
  • Shrinking Soft Tissues
  • Exposed Tooth Roots
  • Loose Teeth
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Persistent Bad Breath


Treatments For Receding Gums

Laser Gum Treatment Vs Other Gum Restorations

Patients can choose from several common gum treatment methods in a dental clinic. Although it may be best to select a surgeon rather than a cosmetic dental office due to the complexity of the medical and dental process. On the other hand, there are cosmetic clinics that can conduct advanced surgery if the doctor also has education and training. Thus, a patient should know what the several types of treatment apart from the laser gum treatment that is popular today are. 


Traditional Gum Surgery

Periodontal gum surgery involves the traditional cutting of the gums where the infection resides. Many traditional gum treatments such as gum grafting, gingival flap surgery, and gum regeneration may only be limited to a certain depth. A mild case of recession occurs between 2-4mm in the gum line. However, severe cases of periodontitis recede gums between 10 to 15mm. That said, it may not be enough for a patient to undergo periodontal gum surgery and must switch to LANAP laser gum treatment.


Scaling And Root Planing

You may have to go to a dentist before your mild gum recession becomes severe. Scaling and planing clean the gum and tooth down to the roots. The dentist may have to use an anesthetic to decrease the pain while doing dental work. Your gums may feel swollen and bleed due to the deep cleaning. A dentist must prescribe an antibiotic to prevent bacterial infection in the area of treatment. Early prevention of gum recession can save your dental health from having surgical and invasive gum therapy. 


LANAP Laser Gum Treatment 

LANAP or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is an FDA approved periodontal laser gum treatment that is less invasive than usual gum surgery. The laser procedure has a specific wavelength that targets the gum tissue, which is infected by bacteria. It prevents the risk of further gum recession since it doesn’t involve exposing the roots anymore. Lastly, LANAP laser gum treatment also has a predictable result for bone regeneration and reattachment of the tissue. 


Composite Restoration

A periodontist may also recommend the patient to rely on composite materials for covering the surface of the roots and prevent further infection. The resin matches the color of the tooth to provide a more aesthetic appeal for the patient. However, many dental research cases suggest that composite resin materials may have less restoration for inflammatory concerns. Several dentists may have to rely on other means such as orthodontics, or minimally invasive flap surgery for gum diseases.


Is A Laser Gum Treatment Worth It?

Laser Gum Treatment

Periodontics therapy has many advantages, particularly if your smile is fading away. The demand for dentistry technology is now being shaped by laser therapy for a faster process. Yet, a patient may not be confident about the safety and practicality of laser gum treatment. However, according to the American Dental Association, chronic periodontal disease can benefit from LANAP laser gum treatment and other restorative therapy procedures. Furthermore, treating your diseased gums using lasers that are noninvasive benefits the cost. Many health insurance companies also cover LANAP laser gum treatment and additional periodontal therapy costs to treat oral health diseases. Hence, support your teeth and decrease periodontal diseases by asking your local dental clinic for this conventional and effective dental technique.


Can Patients Prevent Gum Diseases?

The best method that a patient can do to prevent a recession is to avoid periodontal illnesses. It may save tons of money from paying expensive surgeries just by following your dental hygiene routine. Moreover, risk factors in periodontal diseases increase the chance of recession which makes it harder to treat. Ultimately, a professional periodontist can identify the tissue infected by the periodontal disease as early as you visit for an appointment

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