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Mini implant cost for one tooth: All you need to know

You have been thinking about getting dental implants after knowing that they are the best option for replacing your missing tooth. You have researched online and asked for referrals and feedback from other people and close friends, and you determine that for you to have the best, you should also have the money to get them. Why? Because dental implants are very expensive. But then, you heard about mini dental implants, and you are curious if they are less expensive than the regular ones. How much does a mini implant cost one tooth? If you want to know all things about dental implants, its benefits, procedure, and for the cost visit


Mini dental implants

If the cost of dental implants and the positioning of the missing teeth are involved, mini dental implants can help you solve that problem. How? Here are some points to show that mini dental implants may be the prosthetic answer to your problem.

It is cheaper than regular dental implants. Well, it is safe to say that the mini dental cost one tooth is estimated a lot lower than the conventional implants. Reasons for this are because mini implants use a lesser amount of hardware, their material cost is reduced, and the surgery is shorter, making the procedure faster as well.

It can replace your front teeth. If you are missing a front tooth, a mini dental implant can be the answer to that since the lesser bone space in front of the mouth can accommodate smaller implants, while the backside of the jaws can definitely have room for the regular implants.

It can complement your existing dentures. If you already have dentures and you are experiencing discomfort and inconvenience because of its instability, you can talk to your dentist and ask if they can refit your dentures using the mini dental implants as foundations.


How much does a mini implant cost for one tooth?mini tooth implant

For patients wanting to get the best tooth-replacement option but are still insistent on staying on a budget, mini dental implants may be the answer to your needs. You can expect that a mini implant cost one tooth is a third cheaper than the conventional ones. According to our research, a mini implant cost for one tooth can range from $1000 to $2000, depending on the implant manufacturer, material used to make the implant, and the expertise of your oral surgeon. Compare this to the astounding price of regular dental implants that may cost you up to $5000 apiece! You can definitely consider getting mini dental implants as your chosen restorative procedure.


If you want to check out and find out more about mini dental implants, contact and visit your trusted dentist or oral surgeon. They may be the best resource you can get when it comes to knowing details about the procedure, surgery, benefits and accurate cost of these missing teeth replacement wonders. You can also inquire about the disadvantages, risks, and complications you may need to be aware of when thinking about replacing your teeth with implants. This will make your decision more objective and realistic and it can curb your expectations about the results of the procedure and what would happen after the surgery.

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