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Pain Free Teeth Whitening Methods

Whitening your teeth can be scary especially if extreme pain is to be encountered. The good news is that pain free teeth whitening is possible thus even those with sensitive teeth can also undergo teeth whitening. Despite numerous teeth whitening treatments in the market not all of them are suitable for those with sensitive teeth. Top Health Dental’s teeth whitening service is guaranteed to be effective and painfree as they use certain techniques to prevent its possible side effects.

A pain free teeth whitening method depends on the active ingredients of the whitening compound you decide to use. There are two main methods of pain-free teeth whitening available. These are;

Hydrogen peroxide whitening technique

The magnitude of the teeth sensitivity determines the level of the concatenation of the active Hydrogen peroxide ingredient to be used. For patients with extremely sensitive teeth, a low concentration is used to avoid any possible or negligible pain during the whitening and vice versa.

Carbamide peroxide whitening technique

Similar to the above technique, the concentration of the active Carbamide peroxide whetting ingredient varies with the teeth sensitivity. pain free teeth whitening

There are two types of teeth sensitivity that are likely to arise from using the pain-free teeth whitening though they are medically not harmful. The concentration of the breaching ingredient also determines the level of the sensitivity the teeth or the gums are likely to develop.

Gum sensitivity is likely to occur in case the excess amount of the breaching solution touches the gums. This will go away within a few minutes. Note root sensitivity does not mean teeth pain. Tooth sensitivity is from the teeth itself. It also goes away within some few hours after treatment but sometimes it can go for about one day. Your dentist will advise you on how to recover fast from such teeth sensitivity.

Note the end result usually depends on the what made your white color change. If it is just the usual stained from coffee and other sugary foods then pain-free teeth whitening can be done with these ingredients

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