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Preparing For Your Dental Implant Consultation

Dental Implant Consultation

If you are reading this article then probably you or any of your family members might have lost a tooth or complete row of teeth. Your dentist might have also asked to consider Dental Implant supported teeth. This is the only way dentist can replace the roots of your missing teeth. Before you go for your dental implant consultation, you should do some research on this topic.


With the advancement of medical technology surgical methods and metals of the implant has become more reliable. Now more and more patients can undergo “Dental Implant supported Tooth Replacement”. Ideal candidates should have good oral health, healthy body and no past trauma related to surgery.


During Dental Implant consultation make sure you discuss all your queries and concerns related to Dental Implant supported tooth replacement. Generally, your dentist will evaluate your oral health, capture X-ray images, and other diagnostic tests. Ask you questions related to your overall health so that he can ascertain you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. This consultation process will give your dentist a chance to
understand your unique needs. In some cases, you might require soft tissue drafting. Soft tissues get wasted as a result of the erosion of bone around the missing teeth. This results in thinning of gum tissue. If you have large areas of bone loss, bone drafting might be required.


Dental Implant supported tooth replacement process starts with your dentist drilling a small hole in your gums and can attach a screw as a bridge mechanism. After that bone will develop around it so that new teeth can be securely fitted.


Post dental implant procedure you might have some feeling of discomfort which you will be able to overcome over a period of time. Swollen or bruised gums accompanied by pain are pretty common. My suggestion would be to arrange regular visits to your dentist after the implant. Also, it is very important that you maintain a very good level of oral hygiene.

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