teeth replacement
Tooth Replacement

Teeth Replacement Treatment for Restoring Your Smile

Missing teeth can badly affect your looks. Therefore, it is very important to replace your missing teeth to restore your beautiful smile. Teeth replacement treatment is really helpful for comfortable chewing of food, speaking clearly and also for the wellbeing of your other teeth.

There are many methods of restoring your beautiful smile. If you are interested in treating your missing teeth, you can have dental implants in Adelaide clinic and put that pretty smile back on your face.

Teeth Replacement Treatment Options:

  1. Dentures

Dentures are basically removable frames which hold false teeth. They can be used to replace one, more than one or a full set of missing teeth. They improve the performance and quality of your natural teeth and restore your smile and confidence.

If you want a removable solution for your missing teeth, then dentures should be our first choice for teeth replacement treatment. Dentures come with one more benefit that they help you avoid further tooth loss. Dentists design dentures for every person by taking an impression of his dental putty area so that it fits him well.

  1. Dental Implants

Unlike dentures, Dental Implants are a fixed replacement for your missing teeth. They are made up of titanium root which is fixed under the gum line providing a base for crowns. Dental Implants never gets loose or fall out since they are fixed to your jawbone.

Most importantly, they keep your overall dental health good and look just like natural teeth. Dental Implants help you get back your smile and can last for many years if taken good care of.

  1. teeth replacementBridges

They bridge the gap between teeth. They are the perfect choice if you have very few missing teeth or have all the missing teeth on one side while other teeth are solid and strong.

Bridges not only improve the quality of your smile but also avoid your natural teeth from drifting into the missing teeth space. Bridges help in reducing oral problems by fighting against gum disease and tooth decay. A bridge is made up of 2 or more crowns which fit the teeth from both sides of the gap. The replacement teeth fixed between the bridges are color matched closely to the remaining teeth.

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