how much does teeth whitening cost
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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost

The out of pocket costs of teeth whitening come first if you decide to undergo teeth whitening. The most common options of this procedure include over the counter whitening kits, in-office whitening visits, and professional dispense. Even the cheapest solution often comes at a high price. The solution that any individual selects will depend on the severity of tooth discoloration, economic standing, and dentist experience. While this cost may be daunting, some dentists will offer discounts and insurance programs might come in and partially cover the cost. The cost is not the prime benefit but the peace of mind of a job done professionally.

So how much does teeth whitening cost?

Different options can be considered.

Laser teeth whitening

It’s the most expensive procedure. The process involves the use of high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel which is applied directly to the teeth. The procedure will require expensive materials and highly trained dentist. It can cost an average of $650 per visit. Several sessions are required to attain a brilliance work which can add up to $1,000.

Teeth bleaching

This can be done inside or outside the dentist’s office. It will cost less than laser teeth whitening. You can purchase bleaching kits from your dentist for home uses. The kits have a much lower concentration of the product and require more applications. The kits can cost $100 to $400. Many prefer this procedure as it’s more effective and hassle-free.

Whitening strips

They are simple to use and do not require much time. Simply stick them between your teeth for half an hour. Repeat the entire procedure for two weeks. They vary significantly in quality. Some strips will only fit a few front teeth. They are available from as low as $15 each and you can get them over the counter drug store. The only disadvantage is that the potential gain is the smallest.

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