Tooth contouring and reshaping
Tooth Replacement

Tooth contouring and reshaping to remove imperfections

With the method of reshaping and contouring teeth, you can repair crooked teeth, broken teeth, and even teeth that overlap directly and in a single operation. Almost all people find it remarkable. This is one of the safe cosmetic surgery procedures you can choose to eliminate any imperfections in your teeth.

All that is needed is just a few millimeters reduced and a little material of the color of the tooth, called laminate, is added, and it can develop a big smile when done by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Nowadays, it’s common to work with reshaping or contouring to improve the length, position or shape of your teeth.

This procedure allows you to make your teeth less dotted, fewer splinters or cracks and also reduce the overlap of your teeth. With just a few contours, how your smile feels can be crucial. In order to be considered for a cosmetic form of the teeth, you must necessarily have healthy teeth.

This is a very traditional and safe approach to improving your smile. Caution is advised, especially because teeth can be weakened if too much tooth enamel is removed. For this reason, the cosmetic dentist in San Francisco states that tooth transformation needs to be limited by minor changes. Otherwise, you must combine them with veneers or joints to achieve the best possible smile.

Tooth contouring and reshapingYour cosmetic dentist uses x-rays or computer images to determine the actual size and position of the flesh of each tooth to be treated, to make sure there is more than enough bone between them to support them.

Is not it good to know that the shape and contours of the teeth are so soft that you generally do not even need anesthesia because there is usually no pain to protect yourself? Is not that something fantastic?

The dental transformation is a cost-effective and fast procedure. It’s completely painless and helps to eliminate imperfections of the teeth, which often prevents tooth decay and plaque formation. Dentists use this procedure only for minor improvements. Therefore, you must check with them if you are eligible for treatment. Tooth contouring and reshaping should be done by a professional dentist with experience in the field, as it can damage the teeth if not done correctly.

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