Tooth Remineralization
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Tooth Remineralization

To get back your teeth on the road to recovery, you must remineralize them, and if you remineralize them, you’re putting back the minerals that were lost over time. To know more about remineralized you can check more info from here

Things to do:

-Eat foods rich in minerals (celery, broccoli, beans, oats, eggs, cheese, cream, yogurt, chicken, beef and other meats).

-Drink water to keep your mouth always moist.

-Brush at least twice a day.

-Do a regular floss.

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum (to remove leftover froChewing sugar-free chewing gumm your teeth and gums when you can not brush your teeth and floss, and help to moisturize your mouth)

-Slowly chew foods rich in minerals so they can react with your saliva.

-Foods rich in acid should be eaten sparingly. Eating and drinking strongly acidic foods contribute to demineralization, which should be avoided. Most people notice this when they eat these foods; their teeth are more sensitive than the days they were not used to consume them.

-Feed only unprocessed foods: no biscuits, no ice cream, no crackers, no sprouted bread. White flour, white sugar and all additives in processed foods disrupt blood chemistry, the primary cause of tooth decay.

-Cut back on bananas and eliminate dried fruits. Although they are natural foods, they contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to an imbalance in blood chemistry.

-Start taking fermented cod liver oil and high-quality butter oil two or three times a day as it is an essential and useful combination of nutrients for the promotion of dental health.

-Eat dairy products in their raw form or find a good calcium supplement. Calcium in pasteurized milk is severely affected by the heating process, and the body can not assimilate much of it.

Added help for tooth remineralization

For those who need a little extra help to start the remineralization process, use newly formulated toothpaste containing phosphorus ions and calcium. Expect this toothpaste to be a bit gritty, but people who have used these products say, “If you’ve forgotten the gritty part, you’ll start to see a difference!

It is always best to visit your dentist twice a year. He/she removes all plaque and tartar deposits responsible for gum disease and demineralization.

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