Tooth Replacement
Tooth Replacement

Types Of Tooth Replacement

Loss of teeth can be an inevitable event when you go through life. Sometimes the teeth die during the injury. In other cases, we lose teeth due to disease or degradation. If you suffer from missing teeth, you may want to know what solutions are available to restore your tooth. This article will help you better understand the technologies used in tooth replacement, such as dental prostheses and surgical implants, and how to choose between options. You can also visit our website to know more about dental technology.


Teeth have been working for centuries. The first sets were made of human or animal bones and sometimes wood. In the end, they turned into current models, which are made of acrylic, contain porcelain teeth that look almost identical to real human teeth.Ā 

Dentures can be detached, for example in the case of partial detachment. Partial is one or more false teeth mounted on the frame, which is inserted into the patient’s mouth and removed at night. Another removable prosthesis is a complete denture. Replace all sixteen upper or lower jaw teeth.

Dental implants

Another common replacement solution is a permanent implant. It is a surgical procedure that should be permanent. A metal device (plain titanium) sits to the jawbone of the patient’s jaw. As the bone heals, it is constantly integrated with the metal implant. The implant works just like the tooth root that has been replaced.

Implants can be combined with unique teeth, or in some cases, several implants will be used as attachment points for fixed devices as well as solid fixed parts.

Selection of dentures or implants

Tooth ReplacementThere are two main differences between these technologies. The first is the comfort. Your teeth are one of the things you do not really notice until all goes well. Unpleasant mouths, painful chewing or dentures can make you unhappy. Implants are almost always more stable and comfortable.

Dentures creation is part of art and partial science. A qualified dentist is required for proper and convenient adjustment. Unfortunately, experienced dental technicians are hard to beat. If your main problem is the comfort, you should consider implants.

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