what happens if you don't brush your teeth
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What happens if you don’t brush your teeth?

General oral care has been simplified through the use of modern toothbrush and toothpaste. This is the first introduction that every child is given right from birth on how they will make brushing their teeth a common habit. Even before the baby is introduced to many other things that they enjoy once they have the teeth, the gums are always cleaned before the milk teeth can grow.

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Brushing of teeth is traced back to the time of our ancestors when they used herbal dust and twigs to brush their teeth. They designed different small branches by chewing them to get a tailor-made brush then use them for brushing. Technological changes have simplified the whole process, and today it can be done perfectly using a decent brush and herbal toothpaste.

what happens if you don't brush your teethThe question on what happens if you don’t brush your teeth is sometimes asked frequently, but there is a lot to encourage the habit of brushing. Some of the negative effects that you are likely to experience when you don’t brush your teeth can be long term or just short term, and they include:

  1. Risk of developing teeth cavity.

The bacteria that is left on teeth can breakdown the food components left after eating to produce sugar which may later be broken to acid leading to the damage of the outer part of the teeth. When the enamel is broken down the teeth are exposed, and the cavity is likely to be developed which may lead to the pain of the teeth.

  1. Teeth decay and gum disease.

When you don’t brush your teeth regularly, the bacteria found in the mouth can build a layer called plaque which may lead to tooth decay and diseases of the gum.

  1. Develop bad breath.

The small particles of food after every meal may be deposited between the teeth and may decompose to produce bad smell. When you don’t brush frequently, you are likely to create a disaster when giving a speech in any public gathering. This can be as a result of bad breath which no one will be willing to accommodate.

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