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Enamel Microabrasion: Cost, Purposes, And Proper Care

Enamel microabrasion is a safe method that aims to provide a brighter smile by cleaning out the yellow, brown patches, stains, effects of fluorosis, and any tooth discoloration. Teeth bleaching is not like enamel microabrasion, the procedure uses hydrochloric acid-pumice to remove stains from the teeth surface. That is probably the reason why enamel microabrasion cost lower than other teeth whitening solutions.


How Much Is Enamel Microabrasion

The total cost of enamel microabrasion may vary. Office teeth whitening procedures can be quite expensive as patients might need to undergo several oral tests plus x-ray examinations before the actual treatment. To sum it up, you will need to prepare for several fees like initial consultation (dental checkup), comprehensive oral examination, X-ray, professional cleaning, plaque removal, and calculus elimination.

These are important procedures to follow to ensure that you will receidentist treating a patientve optimum results and to confirm if you are healthy enough to undergo enamel microabrasion. But of course, your dentist will be the one to determine if you really need to go through all of these oral care procedures.

For your reference, here’s an estimated enamel microabrasion cost including the mentioned dental care treatments above:

  • Checkup: $50
  • Comprehensive oral exam: $50 to $90 (some office combine checkup and oral examination)
  • X-ray: Intraoral radiograph- $50
    Panoramic radiograph- $120
  • Plaque removal: $60
  • Calculus elimination: $130
  • Enamel microabrasion: $80

Note that these are estimated amounts only and the total charge for enamel microabrasion will depend on your clinic’s suggested price, your actual tooth disposition, the gravity of your plaque, and tartar (if there’s any), and lastly, the intensity of stains.


Enamel Microabrasion Approach

After the oral checkup, and if you qualify for the enamel microabrasion, the office procedure will follow. Here’s a quick guide on how enamel microabrasion concludes to remove the stain:

  1. The dentist will determine the baseline of the teeth. Oftentimes, clinics keep records and photos of the mouth for comparison purposes.
  2. Your soft tissues will be protected by a rubber dam. This will be placed on your mouth and some space will be given to reveal your front teeth.
  3. Depending on the strategy of your dentist, each tooth will be coated with a solution concentrated with hydrochloric acid and pumice. The thick slurry may be applied to 3 to 4 teeth at a time, usually starting at the front teeth.
  4. Upon application, each tooth will be pressurized at roughly 500 revolutions per minute for a complete 60 seconds. The solution may be re-applied if needed.
  5. After this, the slurry will be sucked out from the tooth to check if there are any changes. The same process will be applied to each and every tooth until the stains have faded.
  6. If the desired results are not yet achieved, your dentist will repeat the approach until a satisfactory outcome comes through.
  7. The final outcome of the enamel microabrasion will be recorded and if you wish to get optimal effects, other lightening options will be offered.



final results of teeth whiteningEnamel microabrasion can be quite expensive if you had to undergo several dental care treatments prior to the procedure. Dentists suggest that these aftercare procedures be followed to ensure that the results will last for a long time:

  • Avoid colored beverages. The Total Care Dental Studio team say that this is recommended for everyone to prevent teeth discoloration. Frequent contact of the orals with colored drinks like coffee, soda, and bright-colored juices with acid can potentially stain the teeth in a gradual manner.
  • Use oral products for tooth sensitivity. This is to help you get over tooth sensitivity as you will most likely feel sensitivity in hot or cold foods after the treatment.
  • Temporarily stay away from chewy foods. Chewy foods have the tendency to get stuck in the treated areas. To ensure that the results will last longer, avoid chewy foods for a few days after the treatment.
  • Brush gently. Due to possible tooth sensitivity, you might feel a tingling sensation if you brush harshly.
  • Take your time. The results of the procedure can be quite overwhelming, that is why some people immediately jump from one treatment to another. Always consult your dentist before doing any at-home treatments to prevent damage to your orals.
  • Do not forget your follow-up schedule. This is probably one of the most important parts of aftercare procedures. Your dentist needs to see if there is any harm done to the teeth during the recovery period. This is the stage where the dentist will determine if the whitening procedure is a complete success.


Things To Remember Before Undergoing Enamel Microabrasion

Before going to a dental office for a teeth bleaching treatment, you might want to consider these things first:

  • The results will vary according to the initial color of your teeth.
  • Tooth sensitivity might occur to some while others don’t even experience it.
  • Consider your health condition first. Enamel microabrasion is typically not recommended for pregnant women, people with gum disease, and adolescents.
  • It does not last for a lifetime.
  • There are many home teeth whitening treatments that may serve as an aid to discoloration.

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