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What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are hand crafted tooth shells which are generally applied over the surface of a tooth. The aim is to cover the enamel of the ragged out tooth and help in aligning the scratchy tooth. They likewise help in concealing the spaces, chips and cracks of the teeth effortlessly.

Dental veneers are great options for teeth which have lost their shape or color or have turned out to be crooked. They can even be utilized to evacuate the yellow or grey tinge which has been settled on the teeth service.

In short, dental veneers are one of the parts that are getting progressively utilized in cosmetic dentistry. They turn out to be the panacea for the worn enamel, cracks, chips and unevenness that may have turned out to be visible as a result of wear and tear, innate unusual spacing of teeth.

Types of Dental Veneers

dental veneers
Dental veneers are of two types. They can be either porcelain/ceramic veneer or resin-based composite. The ceramic veneers are costly and long lasting. Be that as it may, proper upkeep and normal dental care can give an extensive life for these dental veneers.

  • Ceramic Veneers

They are generally manufactured at a dental lab. Positing them so as to suit the appearance and the shape of the patient’s teeth may require some visits to the dental specialist. The ceramic veneers are the shells which are to a great degree thin and are generally comprised of dental ceramics.

Amid the initial visit to the dental specialist, the enamel in sides and front of the patient’s teeth is evacuated. This aides in guaranteeing that the dental veneers don’t turn into an ill fit thereafter. Further, the dental practitioner makes an impression of the prepped teeth with the goal that the state of the readied teeth and its surroundings are duplicated at the dental clinic.

The duplication is thereafter taken to the dental laboratory for the manufacture of ceramic veneers and this procedure is probably going to take much time. Once they are prepared, the patient is requested to return to the dental practitioner. The dental specialist puts the ceramic veneers on the patients teeth to guarantee that they are in the correct shape and size, after which, they are attached to the teeth utilizing dental cements. If at any point the patient requires changes or adjustments concerning the position of the veneers, he can have it done amid the succeeding visits to the dental practitioner.

  • Resin-Based Composite Veneers

They are positioned on a patient’s teeth within a single visit to the dentist’s clinic. To begin with, the dental specialist prepares the teeth of the patient by the expulsion of the enamel in the sides and the front of the teeth. After this, he puts the composite material on the patients’ teeth in a shading that best suits the patient’s regular teeth. The composite is solidified with the use of a unique light and further cleaned and acclimated to fit the patients’ teeth.

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